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Volare Concepts
  • Thankyou Sponsors!

The Volare Sponsors

The Volare team would like to say a BIG BIG thankyou to all its sponsors!

Obviously there is no way we could have acheived what we have with out the fantastic support and opportunities our sponsors have given to us.

Skydive Spain Skydive Spain -

Everybody knows Skydive Spian means 15000ft in less than 15 mins!  Based in the south of Spain near Seville, you will also be treated to the best weather Europe has to offer.

British Parachute Association British Parachute Association -

The British Parachute Association is the national governing body for sport parachuting in the UK.

Performance Designs Performance Designs - Performance Designs, Inc. is a world-class parachute Manufacturer Designing wings of excellence, providing the highest quality product through pride and integrity, to ensure product reliability with unsurpassed dedication to our customer's needs.
United Parachute Technologies (UPT) United Parachute Technologies (UPT) - UPT are the leading manufacturer of container and harness syetems.  For over three decades, Bill Booth's companies have designed and manufactured 48,000 quality Harness/Container Systems to skydivers all over the world! Every rig currently on the market contains features first introduced by UPT i.e. hand deploy, 3-ring, riser covers.
Boogieman Boogieman -

Boogieman designs and makes a range of the finest clothing for skydiving and more specifically for freefly!

Cypres 2 Cypres 2 -

CYPRES is the most commonly used major component in the parachuting world. More than 80,000 units are in actual use and save the lives of more than 80 skydivers each year.

TONFLY TONFLY - Tonfly produces top quality freefly suits, helmets and freefly apparel for todays freeflyers. Tonfly range of freefly helmets come in a range of different designs and configuerations ( flat top, sidemount camera helmets and standard freefly helmet ).
L&B L&B -

Makers of the most advanced audible altimeters and other skydiving accessories

The Jump Shop The Jump Shop - If you are a parachutist or skydiver, you need look no further, you can buy all your skydiving gear from the Jumpshop.  Simply the best for quality, service and price.