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Volare Coaching Services
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Tunnel Camps

The Volare team holds regular coaching camps (monthly through the winter) Hosted at various wind tunnels across the UK and abroad. 

Our experience from previously working as tunnel instructors, IBA coaches and competitive skydivers allow us to set you efficient and exciting learning programmes. 

So check out the upcoming camps on the right or the complete list of our camps in our calender.  You can also contact us to find out our availability for one on one coaching when it suits you

For more info contact us on info@volare-freefly.com 

Dynamic Detention Dynamic Detention

This is an afterschool class aimed at improving Dynamic and all around flying skills!!!

Mike Carpenter, Travis Fienhage and Derek Cox will be taking you through all the ins and outs of Tunnel flying and progressing onto as much Dynamic flying as time and skills will allow.  One on one basic flying all the way through to experienced Dynamic flying will be available with an emphasis on as much fun as possible while learning new flying skills.

This is a week long class starting March 10th trhough to March 14th at IFly Seattle. 

For more info or to book your place contact mike@volare-freefly.com

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